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Helping Wildlife

Empowering Australian Wildlife Through Art and Illustration

The Aussie bush is a magical place and so too are the incredible creatures that call it home. The bad news is, some of these creatures aren’t doing too well and they desperately need our help. I collaborate with not-for-profits and commercial organisations in a number of ways to help spread the message about our wildlife. Through my work I aim to inspire and educate all generations to love, respect and protect the wildlife of Australia and the world.

Australian Wildlife

Working Towards a Brighter Future for Wildlife

Working with a number of environmental organisations, we've been able to raise awareness and funding for issues facing Australian wildlife and those who care for them. Here are some of the organisations I've teamed up with in the past:

Introducing the Conservation Range - A Range of Products to Help Australian Wildlife

I'm so proud to launch a line of products dedicated to helping ensure the future of Australia's wildlife. With every purchase of a Conservation product, a percentage of profits will be donated to WIRES who provide important funding and research to conservation focused groups on a national level along with providing a network of volunteers who rescue, rehabilitate and release Australian wildlife every day.

Click here to see the Conservation Range.

Wildlife conservation projects and fundraisers

Below are some featured projects I've worked on to raise awareness and funding for Australian wildlife.

Helping Australian Wildlife

Want to help wildlife? Here's how you can help.

There are plenty of ways you can help our wildlife. From simple actions like putting water out for birds on hot days, to volunteering with your local animal rescue org. Here's a list of ways you can help our beautiful and unique wildlife:

  • Place shallow containers of water out for birds and other wildlife on hot days.
  • Find out what type of eucalyptus leaves your local colony of Koalas feed on and plant some in your area. Here's a helpful guide on the best trees to plant.
  • Drive safely and slowly at dawn and dusk when wildlife are most active to avoid collisions.
  • Don't let your cat out at night, you'd be mortified by how much wildlife they can kill in a night.
  • Dog attacks account for one of the biggest incidents when it comes to Koala rescues. Always keep your doggos leashed so they don't attack unsuspecting wildlife.
  • Don't feed your local birds, they can become dependent on humans for food and may become aggressive and spread disease when large groups of birds gather. Instead;
  • Plant native trees, plants and shrubs in your garden to naturally attract wildlife, birdlife and native insects.
  • If you find a sick or injured animal call WIRES, Sydney Wildlife or your local rescue organisation who will provide guidance on keeping the animal safe until a rescuer arrives.
  • If you see a deceased Kangaroo, Wallaby, Wombat or Possum on the side of the road, and if it's safe to do so, pull over and check the pouch. There will often be an orphaned joey inside.
  • Become a wildlife rescuer or carer. There's no such thing as too many rescuers.
  • If you're money rich but time poor, you can help by donating funds to WIRES and other conservation organisations on a regular basis.

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