Mutant Macropod Tee


Jump, skip, hop and bounce right into this bad boy and actually gain the super-human ability to communicate directly with Kangaroos using special human-to-marsupial brain transmitting powers. Plus, your purchase of this tee will help the legends at Wild 2 Free care for orphaned and injured kangaroos and other wildlife.

  • 10% of profits donated to Wild 2 Free
  • Great for both chicks and dudes (it’s unisex)
  • Regular fit with a crew neck collar


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10% Profits goes to caring for injured and orphaned Kangaroos

You’re a bloody legend you know that? Not only are you supporting local artists but your purchase of this tee is helping care for, house, feed and rehabilitate injured and orphaned Eastern Grey Kangaroos at the Wild 2 Free sanctuary on the NSW south coast.

If you ever see a deceased Kangaroo or Wallaby on the side of the road pull over (if it’s safe), and check the pouch for a joey. If there’s a joey inside, and if it isn’t attached to the teat, carefully bring it out by cupping your hands around the Joey and then place it inside a makeshift pouch, such as a pillow case or a t-shirt and hold it close to your body for warmth. Then take it to the nearest vet clinic or call your local wildlife rescue organisation for advice.

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