By supporting local art you're giving beautiful Australian animals a fighting chance.

When you purchase any of my work you’re not just buying a pretty picture to hang on your wall. You’re buying something more meaningful than that. You’re helping Aussie wildlife by giving them a fighting chance at life.

A portion of profits from each sale is donated to WIRES Wildlife Rescue.

Each day, WIRES may receive up to 1,000 rescue calls for animals who have become orphaned, sick or injured due to human effects. Car trauma, domestic pet attacks, fruit netting and fishing line entanglements, power-line electrocution and general loss of habitat are the most common causes for these call outs.

With an established network of wildlife carers and rescuers, these volunteers work tirelessly to balance the unnatural depletion of wildlife by rescuing, raising and rehabilitating wildlife and ultimately returning them back to their natural habitats.