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Matt Wilko Board Review

Yugen Surfboards is a small surfboard shaping house in Brookvale who design and shape beautiful high performance surf craft to extremely high standards. Freddy, the head shaper (and absolute legend) sent one of his boards to Surfing Life magazine for professional surfer Matt ‘Wilko’ Wilkinson to ride and review in the magazine’s Board Bible.

Freddy wanted some artwork he could use for the board so we created a spray that captures Matt Wilko’s cheeky larrikan sense of humour and combine it with my modern Australian style of art. This was the result and Matt Wilko gave it an incredible review saying ‘It was like strapping two jet packs to the bottom of the board’.

Matt Wilko Wilkinson professional Australian surfer
Yugen Brentos Matt Wilko Surfboard Surfing Life
Surfing Life Board Review

Brentos Surfboard Design

Surfboard artwork

Photo credits:

Javi Miguens, Jesse Little